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It is indubitable that students have a lot of academic needs to meet with finances. For instance, when students have a lot of assignments and need academic help, they will have to pay for services offered by the expert. This is money being substrate from their total earnings. Apart from this, there are other academic products and services that students need to purchase hence finding themselves running out of budget after spending a lot. This is where the necessity of having an extra source of income to supplement what is offered by loaners and parents comes in.

Below are 5 ways students can use to generate a passive income online to help cater for academic needs like hiring a tutor.

  • Applying in CPA companies

These are ‘cost per action’ job that do not require any marketing skills. Moreover, students have daily accessibility of an internet connection and smartphone needed to do this job. There are many legitimate companies out there ready to offer positions for members capable of sending leads to particular sites. Some companies pay a minimum of $4 per lead while others pay more than $10.

  • Blogging

Obviously, students have a lot of idea they would with to share with the world. This can be done by creating a website and publishing posts which can be read by millions of internet users globally. Moreover, this job is office-like and does not require students to move from place to place. To get started, it is necessary to define you topic and niche you would like to target. Bloggers earn a potential income of approximately $10,000 per month.

  • Testing websites

There are online companies that welcome user to offer feedback regarding their website. These companies are willing to $5 to $10 per feedback delivered to them. This is like commenting to a blog or Facebook post and getting paid for it. This job does not require any experience because who doesn’t know how to comment.

  • Doing micro-tasks online

There are many online companies offering task-type jobs to be done temporarily. These micro jobs include; virtual assistance, handyman tasks, blogging among others. The amount of compensation varies depending on the complexity of the task. So companies offer $10 per completed task in 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Creating an online course

This goes hand in hand with blogging. Some students have something to teach the world. This passion can be turned into a thriving online business by charging users a certain fee to access your training. The amount of income is entirely dependent to what you are willing to charge.

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5 Best Ways to Make an Extra Income in College