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EmailMobileContact the siteContact the newsroom - newspaperContact the newsroom - digitalSend pics Discount Bridesmaid Dresses , video and tipsHelp SupportFeedbackAdvertisingAdvertise with NZME.Take Our PollRight now, I m sobbing.You could tell Adam didn t mean anything because he couldn t twist the knife in Rachel completely.Rachel, you mean everything to me, he said.The tide soon shifted on Rachel s face.Adam returned to set, and Quinn was pleased.I just ruined her, Adam told Quinn.Ah, Quinn thought Rachel would be fine.To get Quinn out of his hair, he agreed to give her a wedding but wanted it in London.Suck SometimesMeanwhile, Rachel was reeling from Adam s shocker.She had mascara stains running down her face and everything.She was not in a good place.After her meeting with Brad was cancelled, Quinn went back to her office to find Chet (Craig Bierko), Dr.Wagerstein and Madison waiting for her.Madison admitted what happened with Chet was consensual, and she didn t want to press charges.Chet made her Quinn s new field producer and told Quinn to write Wagerstein into the show to keep this scandal from getting out.What s worse is that Chet didn t even really apologize for his tryst with Madison, making him even more of a dick.Quinn realized that she was once Madison and that true love didn t exist.She wanted to blow up the wedding not literally live from London.She was a woman scorned after Adam destroyed their little fairytale.Quinn made Rachel feel that she wasn t alone in her heartbreak by telling her all the drama Chet had just put her through.Things were about to get so much worse.As Anna and Grace were talking, Jeremy overheard Grace say that Adam was missing from his bed after having sex with Anna.He put two-and-two together.When Rachel swung by, he pretended that he never got the note.Girl, he s got some major plans for you.No Hard Feelings (Yeah, Right)Anna and Grace were trying on wedding dresses when Brittany showed up with this zinger, How many times are you going to have to barf to make that fit?Arielle Kebbel is such a gem.Apparently, Chet invited Brittany.He thought the bringing the bad girl back idea was brilliant Discount Wedding Party Dresses , except they d done it countless times before.Chet screwed up yet again, and Quinn handed over her diamond sparkler.Grace tried one last-ditch effort to get Adam on her side.You already know what my mouth can do.Imagine what the rest of me feels like, she purred.Adam was sorta-kinda convinced.However, he was still feeling uneasy about what happened with Rachel, but she shut him down.She said there were no hard feelings.Ugh, Adam fell for it.But it was all an act.As Adam walked away, Rachel s RBF was on point!Rachel came up with a plan, and she was about to light Everlasting on fire so that her and Quinn would come out on top.She confessed to Grace that Adam slept with her.Rachel offered Grace a place in her plan, but Grace just called her a manipulative slut and wanted to play by her own rules.Jeremy was stirring up equal amounts of trouble.He got Adam to admit that he knew about his hookup with Rachel.Adam stressed that it was just a fling, and they were never going to run away together.Jeremy didn t know that part.Rachel started throwing around different show ideas to Quinn.If her plan worked, they d be in charge next season.Everlasting: The Whole Package.Off To LondonThe gang was all in London, where they met Adam s grandmother, who was a riot.This was the first question she asked the remaining girls: Who here has slept with my grandson?She preferred Anna the most, and even gave Adam the family engagement ring.In the end, Adam proposed to Anna.They said their I love you s for the cameras to clinch the Everlasting victory.Suddenly, Jeremy went up to Rachel and preached that he s always loved her.Is he going to propose?He got down on one knee and said, How stupid do you think I am?He told EVERYONE that he knew about Adam and wanted everyone to know she was poison to him.He stabbed her right in the gut when he said the show didn t bring out the ugliness in her.It s you that s ugly, he continued.He vowed that he would never let her hurt anyone like that again.Despite likely crying in bed with Quinn all night, Rachel was ready to go the next morning.She pulled Adam (who was looking sharp) aside and wanted to know what she did wrong.She mentioned the sex Discount Plus Size Wedding Dresses , running away together and became a complete mess.Adam said he wasn t in love with Anna and was going to annul the marriage.Even though I secretly believe part of Rachel wasn t faking her emotions, the whole thing was an ACT, and Anna heard the whole thing.Rachel s got skills, though.Love Is A BattlefieldThe wedding was about to begin, and Chet was in charge.Rachel stepped up and skewered Adam.You re going home alone, she said.Brittany got up and seized her moment.She admitted that Chet brought her on the show to sleep with him.Brad was freaking out because Chet was royally screwing up.Quinn agreed to take over if she got his full support in the future.Of course he agreed.The cameras got Anna on her way out, where she called Adam a cheating slut and an idiot.Needless to say, Adam was furious.He didn t know what he was supposed to do after what Quinn had told him.Quinn said Rachel had been hospitalized with mental problems.Quinn had the one-up on her all along.BUT WHERE DOES THIS LEAVE ADAM AND RACHEL?Later, Quinn was ready to celebrate their victory.Rachel confronted Quinn about Adam.Basically, Quinn said Rachel would have made a huge mistake, she was saving her from becoming a tabloid idiot.However, a part of her was using her vendetta against love to poison anyone else s chance at happiness.Maybe Rachel and Adam wouldn t have worked out, but that wasn t Quinn s decision to make.Surprisingly, Quinn and Rachel s friendship was still in tact, and they vowed to protect each other.You know that, right?I love you, too, Quinn said.Rachel and Quinn (and hopefully Adam) are going to have to buckle up because Jeremy went nuclear.He went to Rachel s mo.
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