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The White Tea white is the king of teas. Some of its properties are that it is an antioxidant, stimulant, diuretic ... A daily cup of this ancient beverage provides nutrition, softness, instant shine and regenerates our hair off.

If you follow these tips, your hair during this Christmas Eve, surprise everyone. Do not forget to tell your bleach knots.El tea's one of the most consumed beverages in the world and is highly praised by the health benefits they have. From The Tea Shop Beatriz Parreno offer more than 200 designs of tea each with beneficial properties for our body. We have recently made some designs for Luxury Stylists a Hair & Beauty Salon, which is located on the street 27 Teodoro Camino Albacete.

So in this post, we wanted to tell you of the benefits for our hair is drinking tea, but not all teas have the same properties, but each bring something different to our hair.

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In its program the Deck With Dando, broadcast by Venezolana de Television, said that Andreína Chacin, leader of People's Will (VP) and David Smolansky, mayor of El Hatillo, recently traveled to Panama to obtain financial resources for street actions.

"How to travel so much opposition, where that money goes. While-you-do that right, we walk with UBCh up and down across the country, "said Socialist leader.

Intended holding tarnish July 5

Hair also warned that antichavistas sectors has planned a series of activities such as road closures in several states this July 5, when it will celebrate 203 years of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, with the aim of causing anxiety among the population .

Praised for its health benefits, Green Tea is between a quarter and a fifth of the total tea produced in the world. Powerful antioxidant Green Tea helps our damaged lace hair replacement systems is nourished and repaired instantly.

Similarly, Isadora Zubillaga, member of VP, traveled to Mexico to seek support from members of the Socialist International. However, the right sectors "came out with the tables in the head, because not accepted nor put on the agenda," said Cabello.

Similarly, Ramón Boy, mayor of Chacao, and Julio Borges, a member of the First Justice, traveled to Spain to meet with José María Aznar, who has attacked the Bolivarian Revolution several times.

Our Pu-Erh, also known as Red Tea, Red Tea comes from Yunnan.El is known for its high diuretic value, although in the world capillary intake is recommended to improve the protection of the hair fiber in our colored hair. Bringing brightness and intensity.

Consistent and intense flavor, the Black Tea is the most consumed in the West. It is suitable to strengthen our fine best hair replacement systems. Protects and nourishes gently acquiring a light and soft touch. President of the National Assembly (AN), Diosdado Cabello said Thursday that the Venezuelan right continues to promote international contacts to get back to their assassins and coup plans.

The aim is to encourage actions that tarnish the celebrations planned by the Government, including a Lordhairde in Los Heroes, Caracas. Even they provide make a call "for disrespecting the national flag," he said.

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