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Canon printers are one of the most highly functional printer devices that can solve the complex printing issues easily; it helps you to get quality prints with such amazing features. However, you may face some common issues that can ruin your printing experience with Canon. Error 5800 is such an issue that can lead you into a troubled situation and prevent you from processing the printing works. The occurrence of this issue can be caused due to some certain reasons. Canon printer’s demands to reset after some complex printing exercise and if you fail to do so, it displays this error message. Now you can contact at Canon Printer Customer Care Number to fix the issue, but if you follow this article till the end, you can easily solve the issue on your own.

Easy steps to solve the issue:

There are some simple and easy steps that you can follow to fix the error quickly:

  1. 1.     By replacing the waste ink absorber: this method is quite popular and used by the professional to solve the issue. SO you can fix error 5800 with below steps:
  • You need to turn off your printer and let it connected to the power source
  • You have to hold the stop/reset button while pressing the power button
  • And when the power is lit, you have to press the stop/reset button two times simultaneously pressing the power button
  • When you release the power button, your printer will go into service mode
  • If you see a green light is lit, you have to press the stop/reset button
  • You need to process this step 4 times to reset the waste ink counter
  • Then turn your printer on and try to print a test copy.


  1. 2.     Fixing the printer in service mode: this solution is mostly used when the former is failed. You need to lead your printer to go to the service mode to fix it. Now follow these steps to remove the error 5800:
  • Firstly you need to turn your printer off
  • Then go to the menu button in your printer
  • Now press the scan button and then copy and scan in the same order to put the printer into service mode
  • Then press + icon until you get the counter access option and then press ok button
  • You can check the number of pages and then press the copy button
  • Then scroll down to zero and click on the option scan page count
  • Now set the score back to zero and press the stop/reset button
  • Then turn your printer off and disconnect the power cable

Now your problem may have been solved with these two proven methods that are quite easy to follow. However, if you need any assistance to solve the issue, you should call at Canon Printer Tech Support and get the easy fixation within minutes.




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