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I have an idea to make a super module which will be doing everything:

  1. It must fit everyone's requirements
  2. It must have no bugs at all. Never!
  3. It must be free!
  4. It has to be with lifetime support.

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  •  aqbsoft aqbsoft: 
    That would be fantastic!
     2228 Days Ago 
    4 points
Opinions For
Someone could try at least.
I have a split personality, so don't be surprised.
Well, I think such a module would become a killer feature.

Overall score +1

Opinions Against
Hey pal, you're a dreamer. Keep dreaming.

Overall score +1

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Proposed 13.08.2013 (2228 Days Ago) by
Assigned 16.12.2013 (2103 Days Ago) to
aqbtest aqbtest
5 votes
Make a super module