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Mail filters are something which is of great importance in the current age. In an era where the users receive several spam emails, it is important that the users filter their emails. AOL email provides the users with the option of creating Mail filters on your account. These mail filters further identify emails according to various categories that you have set and then move the emails to the specific folders accordingly. This option is available under the ‘Mail Settings’ option and is the ideal way to handle spam messages and to sort their mail folders.

There are various advanced features that AOL provides to the users. There are several features which the AOL users can use to attain optimum experience while using the email service. The process of setting up filters is also a very easy and straightforward and can be taken up any person on their own. The users have the option of connecting with  AOL Email Customer Care Phone Number to attain more information regarding this feature. The users also have the alternative option of going through this blog where they can attain a better understanding of how to create mail filters.

Accurate way to set up Mail filters on AOL account

The process of creating the mail filter is very simple. The users would simple have to follow the below-given steps accurately.

  • The users would have to start by opening their AOL mail inbox and then select the option of ‘Action’ where they can choose the ‘Create a filter’ setting.
  • Then you would receive an email manage popup, where you would have to enter a significant name for the filter.
  • Now you would have to enter an email address in the ‘From’ field where you can filter the messages from the sender.
  • The users can then write an email id in the given field of ‘To’ or ‘CC’ to sort the messages consequently.
  • To filter the email in view of keywords, you would have to enter it inside the ‘Subject’ or ‘Email Body Contains’ box. This method would be ideal for bulletins or newsletters with common titles.
  • Now configure up to three activities for the coordinated messages and then choose a folder from the ‘Move to organizer/folder’ dropdown to file these emails.
  • Verify the ‘AIM’ checkbox, and you would get an IM caution in the event where you are signed to live chat.
  • You would now have to check the previous checkbox, and then you would get an automatic instant message to your mobile phone.
  • If you wish to alter an email filter later, you can simply tap on ‘Alternatives’ and then choose the ‘Settings’ button.
  • To even delete an AOL mail filter, the users can easily navigate to the manage filter and tap delete button.

If the users come across any difficulty while following the said steps to create a mail filter, they would always have the option of connecting with AOL Email Support where they would get all the required assistance.

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How to create Mail Filters in AOL Account