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Aqbsoft's Ideas
We have an idea to make some stats/ranking page for the module. It will allow to show top members by Most successful ideas Most implemented ideas And also show Most popular ideas (by number of opinions) Most discussed ideas (by number of comments) Most requested ideas (by biggest overall…
2522 Days Ago · From aqbsoft aqbsoft
I have an idea to make a super module which will be doing everything: It must fit everyone's requirements It must have no bugs at all. Never! It must be free! It has to be with lifetime support.
2522 Days Ago · From aqbsoft aqbsoft
The module must be for sharing Ideas with the community. With the ability to assign and implement Ideas. It has to allow anyone to be assigned to idea and implement it. As soon as it is implemented a member can optionally provide an URL to an implementation. It has to have at least two ways of dis…
2533 Days Ago · From aqbsoft aqbsoft