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Warner Cable Services offer the RoadRunner email service application to its users. This superior email provider supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS gadgets. You can open the RoadRunner electronic mail account on any e-mail client software like Gmail, Outlook, and so forth. Add the RoadRunner e-mail account and set up the RoadRunner email settings in Android phones with the use of the following steps.

So let’s get started to do the spectrum email settings with the easy steps. Follow the steps below and get started now.

Steps For Spectrum Email Settings


  • The first step is you need the spectrum server i.e mail.Twc.Com.


  • For the setup of the IMAP port 993 for email settings.



  • The next you require is an IMAP username with your full email address and the password.

Now after the above IMAP setting the next is SMTP settings which are as follows-

Roadrunner Email SMTP Settings

  • To start with SMTP settings you need Rr.Com and SMTP server mail i.e Twc.Com.


  • The SMTP port is 587.


  • SMTP security is STARTTLS that is the process of spectrum email settings.


  • SMTP username is the full email address SMTPand the password will be your Rr.Com password.

Now you are all done with the process of the spectrum email settings as explained above.

Steps For Roadrunner Email Settings


  • Open the Mail app or the Gmail app on your Android cell device.


  • Now you need to go to the menu and look at the alternatives listing.


  • Select the Add account option and enter the e-mail deal with and the password of the roadrunner.


  • After getting into the details, select the Manual setup method in preference to the automated setup option.


  • Enter the best Inbound & Outbound Username and Email Password beneath the login phase for the settings for roadrunner email.


  • Following that, select the account type. It can be both IMAP or POP3. 


  • If you pick POP3 because of the account kind, then use the underneath facts to fill inside the vital incoming and outgoing server information.

Roadrunner Email Settings For POP3:


  • Incoming Mail Server: pop-server.Region.Rr.Com (the place is your area)


  • Port quantity: a hundred and ten (No encryption)

  • Outgoing Mail Server: smtp-server.Vicinity.Rr.Com 

  • Port Quantity: 587

  • In case you're the usage of an IMAP account, then remember the following facts.

  • Incoming Mail Server: mail.Twc.Com

  • Port quantity: 143 (no encryption)

  • Outgoing Mail Server: mail.Twc.Com

  • Port variety: 587

  • Security: TLS

  • Select Next and affirm the settings.

  • Make positive that you enter the mail server information cautiously without making any 


When all the settings are completed, close the window. For the process of settings for roadrunner email.


We believe that now you are able to do the settings for roadrunner email as we have explained above. If you are not able to do it then you can contact our experts as they are available for 24*7 assistance.

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