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Your team mates poe currency buy The only class that kind of has this gap a little more defined would be the Knight and Priest course, as their supportive abilities are somewhat stronger then the other courses, and their harm skills are somewhat poorer when compared with the other courses too.When fighting a boss, you need to actively dodge boss


abilities and run around the map. Long distance courses are at more of an advantage, because of the fact that they can simply run away a very long distance and still be able to damage the boss. The short range courses nevertheless, can't do this, as they mostly have to keep following the boss to keep in variety and deal damage.There will


be times when the brief range classes take a good deal of damage while trying to get close to hurt the boss. This makes especially harder the higher the raids you're doing, as the supervisors at those higher level raids tend to use debuffs. This is not much of a problem for extended range, once again, since they may just kite around the boss


and deal damage. The short range classes will poe chaos orb suffer 2 times the penalty, as they're not only taking a lot of damage, but they also need to deal with the debuffs from these bosses. Because of such reasons, the quantity of MapleStory 2 players playing short range courses are diminishing, even if the short variety classes have some of the

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Your team mates poe currency buy The