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Yang Hengjun: China tells Australia to stop interfering in writer's detention China has told Australia to stop interfering in the investigation of Chinese-Australian writer Yang Hengjun and to stop issuing “irresponsible remarks”.To get more chinese world news, you can visit shine news official website. The Australian foreign minister, Marise Payne, said on Friday the federal government was “deeply disappointed” that Yang had been transferred to criminal detention in China, saying he should be released if he was being held “for his political views”. Payne was seeking clarification over the reasons for his detention. A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said Beijing was carrying out a lawful investigation. “China’s deplores the statement made by the Australian foreign minister and urges the Australian side not to interfere in China’s lawful handling of the case in any way and stop issuing irresponsible remarks,” he said. A Chinese public intellectual who has long advocated for democratic reforms in China, Yang has been detained since January in an unknown location in China on suspicion of endangering national security. The 53-year-old, who has held Australian citizenship since 2002 and has a doctorate from the University of Technology Sydney, had been living in New York as a visiting scholar at Columbia University. Australian officials have visited Yang in detention six times, most recently on 27 June.Payne said that despite writing twice to her Chinese counterpart asking for a fair and transparent resolution and for Yang to be allowed to see his lawyers, that had not happened. “We expect basic standards of justice and procedural fairness to be met.”Friends and family of Yang expect him to be charged with endangering state security. His Australian lawyer, Rob Stary, said a political intervention was the only likely means by which to resolve the issue.He said Australia should use its special relationship with China to secure Yang’s release. Yang’s wife, Yuan Xiaoliang, a permanent resident of Australia, has been banned from leaving China.The Law Council of Australia said it strongly supported Payne’s remarks and that intervention in this “very troubling matter”. “The Law Council remains concerned that Dr Yang does not appear to have the benefit of any of the traditional safeguards expected of an independent criminal justice system and the rule of law,” it said on Saturday.This included access to a lawyer of his choice, the right for the public to know what he is being detained for and when it is expected that he will be released.

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Yang Hengjun: China tells Australia to stop interfering in writer's detention