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The hotly anticipated Yeezy Boost 350 v2 trainers in “Black Static” launched online and in stores today after months of preparation.

Adidas revealed it would be releasing the £180 trainers on Friday, prompting vast queues outside shops from the early hours of the morning.

Fans queued outside stores nationwide to get their hands on the latest drop from the collaboration between Kanye West’s fashion brand and the sportswear giant. Images and videos on Twitter show crowds of people gathering outside retailers across the UK, France and even Australia.

In Birmingham, demand for the trainers saw long lines of people building from midnight last night while hundreds of shoppers queued for days at Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall. Some reports suggest the queue along the mall stretched for more than 500m, with several shoppers claiming they had even camped out since Wednesday.

About 100 people have lined up outside Foot Locker in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall ahead of the new release of Kayne West’s Yeezy sneakers,” one person wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

“A couple at the front of the queue have been camped out for more than 24 hrs.”Meanwhile, sneakerheads who decided to stay at home for the online release were left disappointed after websites including FootLocker and JD Sports crashed, unable to cope with the “heavy traffic”.

One disappointed Twitter user wrote: “FootLockerEU how can you not be prepared for Yeezy drop? Site crashed straight away.”Another person added: “footlocker it's been well over 2 hours and I'm still waitlisted...”buy Yeezy 350 Cheap with best price

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