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The Wrongful Termination Los Angeles often violates elements of the public policy by going against legally “Protected Activity”. The California Public Policy looks for what’s covered in the “Protected Activity”. Therefore, to win a lawsuit against Wrongful Termination you need to show that you’re entitled to “Protected Activity” of The California Public Policy.


The enlisted forms of actions that you undergo never support a single reason for workplace termination & you can claim your job role back on track. Take a look.

Refusing Illegal Activities

If your action doesn’t support the illegal doings at your workplace, you’re on the right track. The Wrongful Termination Los Angeles very much relates to illegal activities.

Reporting Work Condition

You’re surely entitled to justice if you’ve been terminated over complaining or disclosing hazardous & life-threatening work conditions at your office or factory. This may include damaged electricity supply, gas leakage, contaminated drinking water & more.

Complaining Sexual Harassment

A Wrongful Termination Los Angelealso relates to different Workplace Harassment forms including Sexual Harassment very often. Don’t forget to explain your concern to a skilled Harassment Attorney as such.

Complaining About Payment

Payment is your foremost right as an employee or worker & no one can snatch it out from you. It’s the core reason why you work for someone. As said, if you’re skilled at something, never do it for free. As such, it is for sure a “Protected Activity”!!

You may also consider Defrauding Customers, Discrimination over Age, Gender, Religion, etc, No Overtime Remuneration, No Breaks, Violating Labor Code & more. Get aware to more on this & approach Cummings & Franck for better guidance. We’re just a phone call away!!

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Wrongful Termination Los Angeles for Protected Activity