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World of Warcraft Shadowlands preview





During BlizzCon, I had the opportunity to get in touch with World of Warcraft's chief game engineer Patrick and senior game producer Michael, who is primarily working with the design team. We have a close discussion of the upcoming World of Warcraft Shadows and exchanged personal opinions. And how we transitioned from the events that took place in the Battle for Azeroth to the field of death. Obviously this is not so easy. This is an interesting opportunity to dive deeper into all aspects of the extension. So let's go straight in.



The first topic I raised was with Woking's quest line, and I was looking for someone who would let him choose Sylvanas to be his successor, for anyone who has not played this quest line (I only apply to the Horde) Players can ask Bwonsamdi in a mentally conscious manner to prevent him from harming you. We quickly learned that not only did Loas have no connection with telling Volkkin to select Sylvanas, but Bwamsandi was not satisfied with her power, because Sylvanas broke the balance between life and death and made Extremely extreme. Her behavior made the game's subsequent plots very difficult, so the Lich King was also implicated. If you feel that the game is difficult, then MMOWTS will be a good helper for players, he can help players solve the problems encountered in the game, and can save a lot of time.



At the next symposium in Shadowlands, they talked about the Kirin's covenant and how they are responsible and service-oriented. I was thinking, maybe he should help correct his decision to choose Siwanas, maybe it still plays a role in the process of overthrowing her? Of course, they can't comment on it because it could be a big spoiler. . However, Biden did say that they did this for a reason, and all these loose clues were linked. He also mentioned that they believe that players will like all the different past characters we encountered in the shadow country. This makes me think that "Vol’jin" is likely to have a role, but he will not wait until the expansion of the expansion. Click https://www.mmowts.com/ for more information.



Then we discussed the story line of the tribe and the alliance is usually the same basic story line, just from a different perspective, and sometimes how the two sides view different parts of the story. In Shadowlands, the situation is different. The storyline and many missions are the same for tribes and leagues. However, Magruder pointed out that there will be some plot differences.

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands preview