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Germany, 1988-1991

The black and white kit of Germany, taken here in the semifinal of the 1982 World Cup by Manfred Kaltz. Historically, Germany often used a simple black and white home kit - colors derived from the flag of Prussia, a former state in North Europe, which was a great power in the 18th century. However, during the 1980s, the colors of the flag of Germany began to crawl in designs and its kit "was raised to a new level of beauty," as Devlin writes in his book. It was then one of the most famous kits of all time created: Adidas's patriotic West Germany kit since the country lodged Euro '88.

Devlin says Germany's plan was "elevated to a new level of beauty" when the colors of its flag were incorporated into the design in 1988. While the t-shirt did not get the Germans in the end, it consisted of it two years later when they won the 1990 World Cup against Argentina - their third World Cup victory. This only made it an unforgettable kit, but it was also the one spent during the first unified German match.

Germany won the 1990 World Cup against Argentina in the icon. "Again, it was just as radically different. Beckenbauer, the administrator then, said he wanted to get the German yellow colors inside the kit. But to do that, really please the flame across the shirt, unlike anything else," Devlin says. "Adidas was flame at that time and it was a brave, bold movement. It almost set the tendency for things as you go. "When you talk about the Dutch and German kits, it was a pretty risky strategy, but Adidas took it away. It was done with a straight line and attention to details, they hit it but there are many teams that do not - They also try too hard or it simply does not work. "

Adidas has redesigned Germany's kit for this year's World Cup in Russia -- this time in monochrome. The Germany shirt's basic design will make a comeback at this year's World Cup, except this time in monochrome. Perhaps it's an attempt to create a good omen in Russia.

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