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Well they are pretty Maplestory M Mesos much encouraging meso buying at this stage when everything you must perform in the game prices mad amounts of mesos and there is no method to farm it anyhow get lucky drops or sink hours and hours to get a few mil mesos that's just bad what game needs you to sink 100+ hours just sitting and hitting mobs to produce money to advance world boss farming was ok but they deleted .Play the game or don't play it; it's up to you. If you hate the game because it looks then go back to playing Call of Duty but if you want an enjoyable game using a battle give this sport a go. Maple story 2 may look cute but it's very rough at times in the story. In any case, the game is FREE and can be packed full of stuff to do. There's goofing off and still designs in the event that you hate the battle. But if you are adamant about not playing with the game then makes it fun for those people who enjoy it less folks that are toxic is better. ?

I love Maple story 2! I am a thief class (It's a fantastic class and you only need to get good - and - poisons, lots of poisons) it uses a great deal of soul. I have over 100 decorations (no big deal) and if you like being elaborate then you can join my guild. The Darlings of vexa is a guild that accepts anyone who's fancy, respectful, and kind! No level limit. I am getting there although I'm not level 50 yet. Maple story 2 is super entertaining and full of stuff to do like customize your character and change a profile photo in addition to create audio and customized layouts! Play head start wait or today. Waiting won't get you the cool things I got though. ?

How to kill a match, Step 1, Allow your player base to become a bot player base an have most your actaul individuals quit the initial month from rng an robots galore, Step 2, Ban your now bot player foundation, Step 3, you now have playing your sport, good job. Ms2 is. I'm sorry but, I could care less about gamers botting at a dead game as it is pretty much dead , they're the player base, I'd sadly at this point just continue doing what you are doing if it makes you happy however, all you're gonna do is make yourself look like an ass to an already elite / bot player base an either make them stop furthing the sport you like playing death, or simply out right earn a massive bulk of this host dislike you. I am not carrying the botter's side only nexon does not care enough to repair their match an done is simply put a sour taste in my mouth knowing a match has a ton of an. ?

Im so thankful I utilize bots with AI route but just for veggies Maple M Mesos animals mining and blossoms since im lazy to do it my self ): but this greedy farm is nothing fresh and sad as it's MapleStory 2 dosnt have really good community for EU server glad I don't purchase anything of market because that is 90% always bot feed after that they purchase all the farmed gold back to get cash.Neverless it's fine work on this and it's kinda surprise for me to see someone actually doing something about it OR you might just be bored too xD nevertheless I'd love to see the reaction of the ppl after they come back like WTF MAN!

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Well they are pretty Maplestory M Mesos much