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Recently,OSRS has released many Vorkath hotfixes with an increase of damage which hotfixes make Vorkath OSRS a far more rewarding challenge.         
New changes made to your boss:         
1. The level of damage a gamer can deal to Vorkath RS Gold over the poison-pool phase may be increased, allowing players to handle 50% with their maximum damage.         
2. Vorkath’s base defence continues to be lowered slightly.         
3. You have 2 rolls on Vorkath’s standard drop table per kill. Vorkath’s overall standard drop table may be substantially improved.         
4. The quantity of certain items dropped a single roll has become lowered, as well as the drop weighting of certain items increased.         
5. Vorkath’s inital special attack can be randomly selected between poison-pool and freeze attack.         
6. Antifire and Extended antifire potions have experienced their effectiveness reduced against Vorkath.         
7. In-game loot broadcasts have right now been combined with Vorkath drops.         
Furthermore, Obtain Superior dragon bones by killing Vorkath OSRS. And now will you be satisfied with these changes on Vorkath. Need more Cheap RS Gold on mmoah.com/runescape.

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Vorkath OSRS a rewarding challenge