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QuickBooks is very good accounting software. It's not uncommon that software turns up different errors at different times. When using QuickBooks accounting software, you could face a mistake named QuickBooks Error 61.

You may possibly encounter QuickBooks Error 61, while you're doing the next activities – downloading, refreshing, printing, uninstalling Microsoft windows, adjusting, opening a free account, expelling, etc. Our Support team provides some simple steps to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 61 manually.

What causes QuickBooks Error 61?
This error may appear because of various factors such as –

The situation in framework activity.
An invalid section happens to be left within the Windows registry by an uninstalled program or application.
Your computer is infected with a virus or other malware.
The framework has been power down due to a power cut or other reason.
A vital framework or registry passage is missing.
An action of a framework or application segment has neglected to run.
Answers to Fix QuickBooks Error 61
Create a backup of the QuickBooks company file before you proceed aided by the following solutions for fixing QuickBooks Error 61–

Solution 1
Run QuickBooks Rebuild Data utility by using these steps –

Open the File menu.
Head to Utilities and Rebuild Data.
Click Ok regarding the window.
Complete the backup by following the prompts.
If you're obtaining the message that QuickBooks is not responding, verify that your mouse cursor is moving. If yes, you must wait whilst the rebuilding process is still ongoing.
As soon as the rebuilding process has completed, press OK.
Solution 2
Go right to the main menu of QuickBooks and then click Charts of Accounts.
Place a checkmark resistant to the Include Inactive box.
Head to take on the menu bar.
Now, choose Re-sort List.
An email will pop up asking whether you wish to return this list to its original order.
Click OK from the message pop up window to keep.
Now, you need to again verify the QB company file.
In the event that error is present, proceed to the next phase.
Now, create a new QB account. The corrupt account should automatically combine utilizing the new account.
Now, open the business file. If you should be able to perform so, it indicates QuickBooks Error 61 is resolved.

The solutions given above should fix QuickBooks Error 61. But, for those who have a problem applying some of these solutions, or if perhaps the error will not get fixed, you are able to call us at our QuickBooks.

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Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 61