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This isn't MY opinion, but northdale gold wow I dare you to find actual vanilla players who paid to get a raid carry back in the day and found it enjoyable (hint, you can watch a video of it, at least then the man on your screen is gont be really donating.) ?

You do not begin your comment with a AND btw. but here ya go. And I quote"The only real way casuals are likely gont encounter anything but MC is when guilds are well geared and can kill them easily down a bunch of people, at which point they will empty the gold reserves of casuals empty for a few boss kills, trading them some of the useless items for an excess price(I expect them to get a wonderful little

JPEG prepared with their costs to each individual thing they are eager to sell in case it drops:P)"is not a point of contention as to how casuals could enjoy WoW Classic. Its like you do not know what you are talking about and are just shilling as much bad news as possible to try to sound as if you have a point.

Im sorry dude is actually a fact. And I gave you two wow classic gold buy examples of people who had fun and compensated for raid content. That shows just how little you have to say although again you can try to insult me. But sick fated to your level since you can't help yourself I wont even attempt. You are just a person that is mad clearly and cant hold a conversation without attempting to place yourself over another individual.

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This isn't MY opinion, but northdale gold wow