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"Fornite is as soon as you're able to buy fortnite guns at people for messing up and not feel bad about it," Bookser stated.

There's a generational gap, of course. Fortnite may be the go-to socket for student-athletes.

"I call a high school child and ask,'You play with that Fort Hill?' "It disturbs me that people are into it. But that's the generation we're in. They'd rather do this than work"

Coaches may not cite Fortnite by title, if they understand it, nor single out video games because of habit to automatically avoid -- even though those who talked to USA TODAY were unable to wrap their mind around the game's mushrooming popularity.

"Video games are taking over the world," said Maryland coach D.J. Durkin. You ought to just go outside and playwith. Those days are all gone. I'm trying to bring back them together with my guys."

"I had rather they are playing video games than doing different things," Durkin said.

How to use Fortnite's Port-a-Forts to support a winning playstyle

In the world of Fortnite there really aren't that many items that have a really unique function. There are of course multiple harm dealing weapons, the majority of which have a few variations, many techniques to heal and add shields and the 3 kinds of building materials. But currently the Port-a-Fort is the sole thing that will build you a structure pretty much immediately.

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The wildly popular Game Named Fortnite