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Offense Full advanced stats glossary.The 2016 offense was good at things Andersen teams need to be good at and awful at everything else. The MLB 19 Stubs Beavers were 20th in Rushing S&P+, and the emergence of running back Ryan Nall correlated with the offense’s surge after the first month.

Ryan Nall, first 4 games: 49 carries, 211 yards (4.3 per carry), 3 TD; 13 catches, 87 yardsNall, next 4 games: 34 carries, 384 yards (11.3 per carry), 5 TD; 3 catches, 71 yardsNall, last 4 games: 64 carries, 356 yards (5.6 per carry), 5 TD; 6 catches, 56 yardsNall dealt with constant leg injuries, which led to iffy productivity early and caused him to miss most or all of the Utah, Washington, and UCLA games.

But he rarely lost ground, and in his absence, freshman Artavis Pierce had his moments. Pierce didn’t show the same explosiveness as the Buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs 239-pound Nall, but he was more efficient, rushing for at least five yards on 44 percent of his carries (Nall: 41 percent).With this duo carrying more than 20 times per game, OSU was able to generate solid yardage on first downs.

That’s step one toward playing Andersen Ball (or any other ball, for that matter).It kind of went downhill from there. OSU struggled more in short-yardage than you would assume with the burly Nall, and anything that required passing was probably a disaster.

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The MLB 19 Stubs Beavers were 20th in Rushing