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Surge of British schools opening in China The number of British independent school branches opening in China is predicted to rise by almost 50% this year, according to a recent Venture Education report cited by The PIE News.british school in china Despite concerns surrounding slow growth in China’s economy, a record 14 British school branches are expected to open in 2018, reveals the ‘British Independent Schools In China: Annual Report 2019.

’ Last year alone saw the opening of 87 new international schools across China, bringing the total to 821. The report notes: ‘Among these schools, the British curriculum is the most commonly used, with 40% of schools offering an A-level curriculum, ahead of the USA’s AP (26%) and the International Baccalaureate (15%).’ At the end of 2017, China was home to 22 British independent school campuses.

This figure is expected to have more than doubled by the end of this year, with 10 new campuses last year and 14 more openings this year. The number of international school brands with at least one branch in this country is also predicted to increase by 64% this year. Among the reasons for the surge in international school numbers is the ‘golden age’ of relations in China-UK trade. Also, recognised independent schools have a strong appeal to pupils from China considering moving to the UK to study.

The report found that, last year, private schools admitting Chinese nationals accounted for over half (52%) of all international schools for the first time. This compares to private schools open only to foreign nationals (15%) and international departments within public schools (33%). Commenting on the report, Venture Education senior partner Julian Fisher attributed the “incredible growth” of British independent school openings in China to British education being considered the gold standard at K-13. “British schools bring experience, expertise and innovation to a country that is looking for a holistic education that inspires the next generation,” he continued. Fisher noted that one the main challenges moving forward will be recruiting quality teachers who can maintain the exceptionally high level of teaching quality expected in international schools.

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Surge of British schools opening in China