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New Jordans 2018, The UA Curry 4 is Stephen Curry's fourth signature shoe with Under Armour. It features a mid-cut design with sock-like construction, "SC30" branding on the midsole, and an updated outsole. The UA Curry 4 "More Range" is inspired by those shots from way beyond the arc that have earned Steph Curry the reputation of being one of the most dangerous three-point shooters in the NBA. This new colorway sees the silhouette don a sleek black appearance on the upper, complemented by a crisp white outsole. The somewhat serious look gets hits of flash from the iridescent detailing that can be found on the signature "SC30" logo, "UA" branding on the heel and Curry branding on the ankle.
Jordans 2017, We've all seen the videos of the shots. The highlights where Stephen Curry shoots and then turns around before the ball actually goes in. This Curry 4 "More Range" represents that feeling of exhilaration for his fans and doom for his defenders. Following the championship black gold color, a pair of black-based Curry 4 surfaced. Featuring all-black toe, sole, inner lining and upper, the new Curry 4 "More Range" features solemn, serious color schemes for visual design, with ice-blue light shining through the soles and the screened SC30 label. Coupled with the magic details of the colorful details of embellishment, simple and stylish.
Cheap Jordans 2017, This upcoming UA Curry 4 "More Range" touches on the two-time MVP's calling card, utilizing a super-sleek color palette that sees a deep black upper, solid white outsole, and subtle iridescent hits on the heel logo, ankle stripe, and midsole piece. With an all-Black toe box, outsole, sock liner and upper, the colorway sets a markedly serious tone. The splashes of color are ever so subtle, with a slightly visible icy Blue signature SC30 mark on the sole and pull tab. Outside of that there's a flash of White on the UA logo that pops at quick glances. The aesthetic of this colorway makes very clear its intentions.

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Stephen Curry Under Armour Curry 4 "More Range"