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       With the advent of spring, nature wakes and people want something new and special. To get pleasure impressions and taste fresh emotions, it is necessary to get on a trip in one of wonderful European countries.

      Choose one of the following destinations and you’ll definitely enjoy the fragrancy of blossomy valleys and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of joyfulness, happiness and love. 

1.      France. Toulouse - the city of violets

Only imagine: ancient city from pink stone which is full of violet blossom. Do you think, there is no such thing? Of course, it does. To see this beauty you have to come to Tolulouse. This small city has become popular because of its gentle little violet flower. At first, Toulouse was a centre of violets’ reproduction for France and then for the whole Europe. And nowadays, from November till March the city is full of violet blossom and incredible aromas. Modern experts of sweet art will offer you violet soufflé, violet jam and even violet ice-cream. It’ fantastic!

2.      Germany. Munich- spring festival.

Everyone knows traditional Oktoberfest in Munich. But not everyone knows about spring feast which Germans celebrate every year. In the last week of April, an amusement park with outdoor concession stands, different attractions and of course beer opens. There are different merry-go-rounds for kids and adults, musical concerts and circus shows. Spring feast is a nice chance for families to spend a great time outside and ‘taste’ German fun.

3.      Spain. Madridfeast day of St. Isidore.

Feast Day of St. Isidore is celebrated on the 15th of May. The capital of Spain is full of checked caps, white kerchiefs and red carnations – these are symbols of this feast. Lots of cultural events take place this day. The most important is bullfight (it is called corrida). Participants compete to be the best and astonish audience by their professionalism. The traditional food for his holiday is soft ring-shaped rolls in sugar powder. Due to such atmosphere you’ll feel the spirit of Madrid and the breath of spring.

4.      France. Nice – pumpkin feast.

Someone associates spring with flowers, someone with the first thunderstorm and French people are as always unique. In Nice, the symbol of spring has become a pumpkin. Every year at the end of March there is a festival devoted to this vegetable. Craftsmen cut different objects from pumpkin and make an exhibition. Here you can see ornamented pumpkins, different funny figures and home goods made from pumpkin. Some of them are real masterpieces. You’ll also have a possibility to taste delicious dishes at this feast. You’ll find the image of pumpkin everywhere and you’ll listen to melodies of provencal orchestras.

5.      Netherlands. Amsterdamtulip paradise.

Thousands of people from all over the Europe come to Holland in spring to visit Keukenhof Park. Flowers occupy of the territory32 hectares of the park. Holland always associates with tulips. There are a great variety of tulips here; they are of different sizes, shapes and colours. You will be amazed. In spring Keukenhof is like huge lush flower-bed. If you come here, millions of flowers will astonish you by their tints and aromas.

      About the author:  my name is Robert I am a freelance writer and can provide you with essay help 

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Spring is your time for travelling. Choose your destination.