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SOMETHING NEW Wedding dresses with pockets are now a thing

STOP EVERYTHING so one of my friends got married yesterday and she had POCKETS ON HER WEDDING DRESS which is just the best thing I have ever seen
Usually a handbag would suffice, but on your big day you aren't usually afforded this luxury (unless you've got a very helpful maid of honour).

But here's a game changer - a wedding dress, with POCKETS.

Twitter user Esther Kezia Thorpe brought the revelation to our attention, posting a snap of her friend on her wedding day last week with her hands casually tucked in her pockets.

She described the gown as "the best thing I have ever seen" - and many fellow social media users agreed.In fact, it's generated a whole hashtag dedicated to "wedding dresses with pockets".One Twitter user wrote in response to Esther's post: "I tell this to everyone but my wife added pockets to her wedding dress 'for cake'."

Another commented: "I mean... if you're going spend as much as we end up spending on a single dress, it better have pockets!"It certainly seems to be a growing trend - and requirement - among brides.

Christina Sancha, sales manager at London bridal boutique Sassi Holford, told The Times: "Customers get very excited when they try on a dress with pockets.www.eisenge.com

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SOMETHING NEW Wedding dresses with pockets are now a thing