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In this Rocket League guide, we shall take a look at the issues with the Octane, Dominus, and Batmobile and list why these three cars from the Rocket League esports meta.
Hit-Boxes, Turning Radius, and Classes

When Rocket League was published in 2015, just about any car hanging around had a unique unique hit-box and turning radius. In 2017, Psyonix standardized the auto hit-boxes and turning radiuses into class groups Rocket League Items so that you can encourage the using the lesser-picked cars.

The standardized hit-box is Octane, Dominus, Breakout, Plank, and Hybrid. Without any additional purchases, players can access each class when using the cars Octane, Hotshot, Breakout, Paladin, or Venom respectively.

If you’re ignorant, a hit-box can be an invisible shape that may be part of the vehicle model. It’s familiar with calculate collision detection with objects amongst people, including the map, the ball, and also other cars. As a player, we don’t see this. A full number of all the cars in addition to their hit-boxes is obtainable.

Rocket League Esports Car Meta Guide Octane Dominus Batmobile Hit-Box

The Octane currently is the most popular car within the RL esports meta. It’s both Buy Rocket League Items marketing mascot as well as the first Battle-Car you’re designed with.


    The tallest hit-box class. The Octane blocks a lot of the ball on kick-offs and 50-50s.
    It sports ths ball higher from your ground when dribbling, making it easier to convert with the ball without dropping it.
    The accurate hit-box representation allows players to produce more consistent touches on your golf ball.
    Most customization options within the garage


    Shorter reach for the ball. The Octane will miss out to reaching the ball against flat cars.
    Lesser turning radius in comparison to Dominus and Batmobile

Over 70 percent with the professional community play within the Octane and quite a few professional RL esports titles have already been won when using it. This is a evidence of how reliable it can be at the highest degree of play.

Three pro players who main the Octane are Cameron “Kronovi” Bills, Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant, and Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda, who've each won a World Championship Series title utilizing it.

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Rocket League: Esports Meta Car Guide