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Simple tips to Restore Backup Files In QuickBooks

Your backup file contains your business data as much as the date the backup was made. Make sure you restore the most up-to-date file.

Follow these steps to displace a local backup from a CD, USB flash drive, local hard drive, network folder, or other media. If you backed up your company file utilizing the service provided by QuickBooks Online Backup, you must restore it through that same service.

Restrictions: Because your backup copy is within a compressed file format, you must utilize the restore wizard to bring the info back in QuickBooks. Don't use the Copy command from Windows. If you want to know about Restore Your QuickBooks Company File, visit our website.

Please perform the below mentioned steps to replace the backup files:

Should your backup file is not on the hard disk drive or in a network folder, insert the CD, USB flash drive, or other storage device in the appropriate drive.
In QuickBooks, go directly to the File menu and click Open or Restore Company to start the restore wizard.
Click Restore a backup copy (.qbb) and then click Next.
Click Local backup and then click Next. The Open Backup Copy window opens.
If needed, click the Look in drop-down arrow and navigate towards the location where you saved the backup file, that has a .qbb file extension (as an example, mycompanyname.qbb).
Find the backup file and click Open.
Click Next.
If needed, click on the Save in drop-down arrow and navigate into the location for which you like to restore the backup file.
Find the backup file, click Save, and respond to any messages QuickBooks may display.

If QuickBooks finds a company file with the same name into the folder you specified, QuickBooks asks whether want to replace the prevailing file. In the event that you click Replace, QuickBooks erases the current file and replaces it with all the file you’re restoring. If you’re not certain you desire the existing file erased, click Cancel and provide the file you’re restoring a new name.

The business file is transformed into a frequent company file, with a .qbw extension (or a .qba extension in the event that backup was made of an Accountant’s Copy). The company file and all of the related files are stored in this location.

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Restore Your QuickBooks Company File