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Operation Grim Sky is currently gearing up to become among the upgradesĀ Cheap R6 credits has seen in a long, long moment. While the two operators, Maverick and Clash, help address a number of the game's balance issues, it is the rest of the upgrade that will bring a great deal more widespread and crucial fixes. Bearing that in mind, Ubisoft has released its own patch notes for the upgrade and the design reasoning behind the changes.

It's important to see that not all of these changes will be included in the game. A number will be tested (some throughout the Tactical Test Server, some logically at Ubisoft ) and introduced slowly over several patches during Grim Sky's period. Most seasons last between three months and two, therefore consider the information below longer as a roadmap and much less traditional'patch notes'.

Firstly, Ranked Play on PC will require players to have enabled two-factor authentication on their Uplay account. Ubisoft has confirmed this will come into effect into Grim Sky, of informing players of the change that was incoming after a span. This is, presumably, an effort to cut down 'smurfing', or experienced players making balances to increase novices to higher positions. On the plus side, already, or players who trigger authentication have it activated, will receive an exclusive bundle for Thermite.

Another substantial change are the fixes for its longstanding weapon sight misalignment. Previously, while the very first bullet fired -- especially against fully-automatic weapons - would hit at which the reticule of a weapon sight was positioned, any shot then will be ever-so-slightly off. This causes problems in a game like Siege, where being pixel-perfect may be the distinction between killing an enemy and being murdered.

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