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QBWin.log LVL_Error: Fix, Resolve & Troubleshoot
It is no secret that QuickBooks users often find themselves struggling with QuickBooks errors and issues. But you do not have to manually fix these problems as you always have the option of calling QuickBooks Support Services. Simply call on the 24×7 available QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number and talk to the Intuit certified QuickBooks Experts. They will surely provide you with QuickBooks Support Services in getting rid of the QBWin.log LVL_Error.

QBWin.log LVL_ErrorSupportforerror is a portal to get the latest news about QuickBooks products and services. You can also find detailed step-by-step guides on fixing QuickBooks Errors and issues. In this article, we will be discussing the QBWin.log LVL_Error in detail.

The error message on your screen will be:

“LVL_Error–Error: Verify Item: Invalid Tax Agency”

Different Types Of LVL_Errors
log: LVL_ERROR-error: Verify Account List Item: View out of sequence
log: LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Online Account Information: Invalid Customer ID number
log: LVL_ERROR-error: Verify Payroll Item : Invalid tax authority
log: LVL_Error-Error: Verify Item: Invalid tax agency
LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Item History: Build txn target bad pending state. Item = nnnnn
LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify item history Target quantity on order mismatch error
LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Online Account Information: Invalid Customer ID number–> Record = XXX.
VL_SEVERE_ERROR-GetDecryptedCreditCardNumber Failed: The decryption has failed. CHECKPOINT: Failed to decrypt customer credit card number. Customer ID: nnnn.
LVL_ERROR-Unable to decrypt social security number/social insurance number
log: Verify list. Duplicate name encountered
log: Orphan payee found in Online cache
log: Verify Target: Invalid Open Balance
What Causes The QBWin.log LVL_Error?
One of your QuickBooks item lists is damaged.
Windows registry files cannot be found on your computer system.
You have accidentally provided incorrect information in the Tax Agency field. It may be just for one or more non-sales tax items.
Preferred Vendor field has incorrect information.
How To Fix The QuickBooks QBWin.log LVL_Error?
Note: You must not export, edit and re-import your Item List if you are encountering the QBWin.log LVL_Error. It will only create more problems for you.

The process for fixing the QBWin.log LVL_Error is divided into two steps:

Step 1: Identify The Damaged Item Using The QBWin.log
Open your QuickBooks and press the F2 key on your keyboard. The Product Information window will open on your screen.
Now, press the F3 key on your keyboard. The Tech Help window will appear on your screen.
Head to the Open File tab.
Search for the QBWin.log file and click on it for opening the file.
Now, press the key F and Ctrl together. It will open the Find utility on your screen.
Click on the text field in the Find window and type Error. Press Enter.
Now, look for all the instances of the word in the QBWin.log file and make a note of them.
Step 2: Edit The Damaged Items
Reopen your QuickBooks and head to the Lists menu and click on Item List to select it.
Search for the damaged items which appear in the QBWin.log.
Edit the damaged items.
Go to the Preferred Vendor field:
Check if the Preferred Vendor field is correct. If it is not, get rid of the name or choose the correct name for the field. Select Ok button.
If you cannot see the Preferred Vendor field then you must alter the item name. Go to the description of the product and modify it. Click on Ok.
Repeat the steps for all the items which were damaged.
Follow The Steps Carefully or Contact Our QuickBooks ProAdvisorsHow To Contact The QuickBooks Support Team?
If above steps are not working in resolving the QuickBooks Lvl_Errors , we recommend that you take help from QuickBooks Customer Service Number. Dial the number to connect with the Intuit certified experts who are available 24×7 on the support line number and chat support service.

Do not take any error or issue with your QuickBooks lightly. The sooner you contact us the better. We can also fix the underlying issues which are not causing any problem currently but will definitely cause in the future.

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