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QuickBooks accounting software allows you to manage your financial transactions easily and accurately. Sometimes you may face issues while doing some important work on your system. One such error is QuickBooks Error OL-332. In this article we will learn the causes of the error and How To Resolve QuickBooks Error Ol 332. For more information on How To Fix QuickBooks Error Ol 332 , you can contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

QuickBooks Error OL-332
What Are The Causes Of QuickBooks Error Code 332?
There are various causes of QuickBooks Error Code 332. Some of them are mentioned below:

The issue with the banking institution.
Poor internet connectivity
Multiple accounts in the company file.
Not able to download or export multiple files.
Using outdated versions of Windows or QuickBooks.
How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 332?
There are several methods to resolve this issue. Some of the issues are listed below:

Solution 1: Enable TLS 1.2 Security Protocol if available
Use the following steps to enable TLS 1.2 in the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Open the latest updated Internet Explorer
Click the gear icon.
Click on Internet Options and then on Advanced Tab.
Open the Security section.
Uncheck the USE TLS 1.0 and mark a check in USE TLS 1.2.
Click Apply and then OK.
Close all running programs and Restart the computer.
Verify if the issue is resolved. If not, move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Create A New Test Company File
Open the QuickBooks and click Files from the main menu.
Select the New Company and then select Express Start.
Add the bank account which was experiencing issues to the newly created test company.
Next, set up your account for Bank Feeds
Now, download the bank feed transactions to test the issue. If the problem is not solved then move to the next solution.

Solution2: Create a new account, then merge the accounts
Sometimes there can be an issue with the account, whether you are setting up an account or downloading transactions to the account. Clear all the pending transactions before you proceed with the solution. Also, match all the previously downloaded transactions. Follow the below steps in order to create a new account and then merge the accounts:

Open the Chart of Accounts and right-click on the problem account and then select Edit Account.
Select the account name and add an asterisk(*)
Open the Bank Feed Setting and select Deactivate All Online Services.
Choose Save and Close.
Open the Chart of Accounts and create a new account.
Paste the Account name without the asterisk (*).
Next close and open the company file again.
Open Chart of Accounts, right-click the account with the asterisk and then select Edit Account.
Remove the asterisk and select Save & Close.
Choose Yes when asked by the Merge warning dialog box.
Now Set up account for Bank Feeds.
Download transactions to the newly merged account. If there is an issue with the merging of data file then there is an issue with the company file. You can contact Intuit QuickBooks Support Number for assistance.

If there is No Error Message that means that the issue is resolved. If the error message appears then move to the next solution.

If the Same Error Message appears then it means that the issue does not start with this account. Move to the next step for resolution

Solution 3: Deactivate ALL accounts with online services
Sometimes if there is a bank connectivity issue with the one account, it can stop all other accounts from working. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve this error.

From the Chart of Accounts mark the Include inactive checkbox.
Now Deactivate Bank Feeds for the inactive account
Close and re-open the company file.
Set up each account for Bank Feeds.
If you need assistance while deactivating Bank Feed services then you can contact QuickBooks Support Number  to Resolve QuickBooks Error Ol 332.

Solution 4: Contact Your Bank
All the leading financial institution has an escalating path to intuit. Major of the account related issues are resolved through the bank. For better assistance ask you bank transfer the issue to a bank representative who is aware with QuickBooks Desktop Bank Feeds and account activation.

Get In Touch For Technical Support
By performing all the above-mentioned steps, you can Fix QuickBooks Error Ol 332. For any assistance requirement, you can contact QuickBooks Tech Support Number. You can also seek assistance on QuickBooks Chat Support to learn how to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Ol 332 step by step resolution.

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QuickBooks Error Ol 332