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So what does QuickBooks Error Code C=212 Mean ?
QuickBooks Error Code C-212 indicates that the business file has been found in later version. Comment at C=32. Once you encounter this error, without delay click the Order Now button below for QuickBooks Data Recovery.
On clicking the QuickBooks Data Recovery button the company file data saved within QuickBooks should be recovered. The QB error code C=212 is a recoverable error code and you also don't have to upgrade your QuickBooks version to used the repaired data files. The info file is repaired in the same version of QuickBooks.

The data recovery services for files from any version of QuickBooks should be used to correct the error: version 1.0 (DOS) to the current Enterprise 15.0/Premier or Pro 2015. Intuit recommends using this data recovery tool. Thus the company data file is recovered so smoothly.

QuickBooks Data Recovery – Error Code C=212
The next files are expected to recover your QuickBooks data file.
The corrupted QuickBooks Data file (.QBW)
The Transaction Log file (.TLG — when you look at the same folder since the corrupted QBW file)
Any older backup of the QuickBooks Data file (.QBW or .QBB or .QBM)

How Data file is recovered?
Data Recovery comprising all of the damaged media (backups made on bad floppy disks)
Repair C=nn Errors
Verify, rebuild and upgrade the errors with QuickBooks
“File could be damaged” or “This is a corrupted or damaged QuickBooks database” Errors
Error code: C=212
QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro Conversion
QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Premier Conversion
Conversion of Accountant’s copy to a Regular QuickBooks Data file

Fixing of Error C=212
In the event that you fail to perform the aforementioned steps which are recommended by Intuit or you have any related queries related to QuickBooks Error code C=212 immediately contact QuickBooks customer support.

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QuickBooks Error Code C-212