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Stress free skin results in a glowing skin. However the works we tend to go throughout it's simply not possible. So, the last word resolution is parlor reception .

the Services Found

We can realize big selection of services starting from haircut to pedicure with totally different packs. for each sort of skin, we are able to realize the services accessible.

The services are:

-           Waxing

-           Bleaching

-           Threading

-           Manicure

-           Pedicure

-           Body Massage

-           Hair Removal

-           Facial

-           Hair Massage

-           Henna

-           Haircut

-           Hair color

-           Bridal makeup

-           makeover and knickknack ! .

We can select from numerous right at your step at your convenient time.

Is it Safe throughout the Pandemic ?

Safety being the primary priority throughout the robust times. The Utmost importance is given to hygiene. they supply that safety by mistreatment :

•           The disposable sheets

•           Towels and

•           Sterilized instrumentation.

In addition to the most recent safety instrumentation all beauticians and hairdressers square measure well trained with years of expertise. they need the most effective hands to form you fashionable and stylish for all occasions. They additionally supply numerous facial services like Pearl, gold, silver, papaya, lotus, oxy, herbal, O3, O2C2 no matter we would like to form ourselves get a shocking face.

As a shot in giving utmost care to our skin, they continually use best merchandise with best treatments to boost our beauty at cheap costs giving high priority to client satisfaction.

A smiling face results in a contented area . to get rid of the strain and strain from our face we tend to visit a parlor. These robust times square measure increasing the strain and strain however there's no thanks to exit and relax . therefore the new Parlor reception services facilitate U.S.A. through this part. Keeping a check to the worry and stress.

For more Information - Parlour services at home 

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Parlour services at home in Delhi