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1. What is Bromantane?

Bromantane (87913-26-6) was initially known as Ladasten and is a derivative of adamantine. It was first developed in laboratories and pharmaceutical companies in Russia back in the 1980s. The exciting thing is that research done on petroleum solutions is the source of the adamantane discovery. It is then that researchers started striving harder to research on polyhedral organic compounds and the way they are synthesized.Bromantane powder

At that time scientists were looking for an antiviral drug that could help in curing influenza and through many trials and studies, they noticed that adamantine and its derivatives acted as dopamine receptors and could, therefore, be classed as stimulants. The discovery was seen as a medical breakthrough because the substance could be used in some clinical applications.

Bromantane has become popular among many nootropic users over the years with many soldiers and athletes using it since the late 80s. Bromantane exerts a stimulating and anxiolytic effect at the same time. Although the two effects seem to negate each other’s effects, you need to note the fact that Bromantane is an excellent nootropic because it is a mental relaxant and a stimulant all in one.

It has been used to enhance recovery after tedious physical activity. It is still in the research process to determine whether it can be used in sports medicine because many people who have used it in the past have reported that it has significantly increased their athletic performance. It is also said to increase one’s alertness as well as their motivation and the overall mental energy.

In 1996, Bromantane got banned after it was noticed that some athletes were using it so that they could stand out and beat others in the Olympic Games.

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Nootropic Source Bromantane: Reviews,Effects,Dosage