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Netizens Have An Issue With What Stanley Ho’s Daughter-In-Law

After the news of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s death was released on May 26, several members of his large family held a press conference outside the hospital, where his daughter Pansy shared a few words with the media.To get more news about stanley ho daughter, you can visit shine news official website.
However, some netizens decided to zero in on a seemingly trivial detail in the background instead.

Standing quietly at the back of the group was Chinese model Ming Xi, the wife of Stanley’s youngest son Mario. Several Weibo users took issue with the colour of Ming Xi’s hoodie and slammed her for wearing “red” during such a solemn occasion.

“Did she forget to bring her brain?” one scoffed, while another accused the 31-year-old of wanting to steal the limelight.
The topic soon generated an intense debate among netizens. While it was pointed out that the colour of the hoodie is actually brown and therefore not as offensively bright as red, many felt that it was still inappropriate and that she should have worn black, grey, or white like the other family members as a basic sign of respect.
More level-headed folks then came to Ming Xi’s defence, saying things like “She could have left the house in a hurry” and “Why do you have so much to say about people’s clothing?” Someone also remarked that whatever Ming Xi wears should only be an issue among the Ho clan, and urged netizens not to be trolls for the sake of it.

Well, it is the Internet, and the Victoria’s Secret model married into one of Asia’s richest and most powerful families so… go figure?Mario made headlines when he proposed to Ming Xi with a super lavish, Crazy Rich Asians-esque set-up (which involved 99,999 roses and 1,000 witnesses) a year ago. The couple welcomed their first child — and Stanley’s first grandson — in October last year, and had tabloids buzzing again when they were rumoured to be receiving S$20mil in cash and a S$90mil mansion from Mario’s parents as a “reward”.

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Netizens Have An Issue With What Stanley Ho’s Daughter-In-Law