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Max Polyakov, Noosphere co-founder, collected a number of Kasli masterworks, created by the famous Kasli Iron Smelting factory, known by the highest-quality of sculptures. One of the masterpieces, a “Young Dreamer” statuette, inspired Max Polyakov for the Noosphere logo.



An Iron Smelting factory based in a small town in South Ural, called Kasli, was founded in the 18th century. It started as a small manufacturer. The factory soon gained popularity all over the world with its exceptional quality of sculptures and skilled craftsmen. The stunning cast-iron masterpieces boasts a wide variety of unique designs, miraculous accuracy and a combination of the detailed and plain parts that are perfectly put together in every sculpture. Its masterpieces have plenty of admirers in different countries worldwide. Max Polyakov is also one of the appreciators of the Kasli line of statues. He has gathered an incredible collection of over one hundred pieces.

Max Polyakov was delighted, not only by the smoothness of the metal and the abundance of exquisite details, but also by the outstanding variety of themes and characters. However, one of the Kasli sculptures, known as the Young Dreamer, impressed Max Polyakov most of all. In addition, Max Polyakov spoke about the new EOS Platform in this article ("Макс Поляков рассказал, на что способна новая EOS платформа").

A sketch of the Young Dreamer was created by Gennady Panov in early 1961. The sculpture, also called "a Boy with a Toy Space Rocket", went through all the stages of casting and stamping at the Kasli Iron Smelting factory. Furthermore, it was coated with a special combination of carbon black and varnish in order to get a unique black velvety color.


Image credit: https://images.vitber.lv

The Young Dreamer might seem to have nothing special from the first glance, however, Max Polyakov believes that the sculpture symbolizes the new age of space exploration. Therefore, he decided to use a Boy with a Toy Space Rocket in the logo of his company, Noosphere.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere philosophy has much in common with the deep meaning of the Young Dreamer. Thus, a boy is a symbol of youth, energy and courage that will lead to a new era of modern inventions and space discoveries. The Earth on Max Polyakov’s Noosphere logo represents the cradle of humanity, while the rocket represents revolutionary findings and reaching new horizons. The combination of these objects on the company’s logo reflects and idea of the main slogan of Noosphere - Technology Knowledge Humanity.

In 2012 Max Polyakov ordered a range of authentic Young Dreamer masterpieces and the Kasli Iron Smelting factory began to produce smaller copies of A Boy with a Toy Space Rocket. These sculptures are currently presented to noosthinkers, a team of scientists and researchers, who share Max Polyakov’s Noosphere values.

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Max Polyakov, inspired by Kasli masterpieces, chose the Noosphere logo