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Whether you've played with plenty of VR games there's something different about playing with a team shooter whilst sporting a PS VR headset. Firewall was really made to be played a PS Aim Controller, as you hold the physical peripheral to your face when aiming down the sights, even though it's also playable with all the plain ol' DualShock 4. To stop VR nausea, the default camera flick-turns to let you look in various directions - and that change has a massive impact on your capacity.

Rainbow Six Siege Credits if you've racked up wins in different shooters via speedy no-scope shots, rapid-fire multikills, and 180-degree turns to blast somebody who's sneaking up on you, Firewall will break down skills you mastered long ago. If you find yourself getting straightened, anxiety may put in while you flick your vision towards cover before sprinting for life.

I found myself relying on SMGs with extended clips because I could not trust myself to correctly line up accurate shots in a timely fashion. And even though I had been unable to reach my goals, the action of trying to is strangely satisfying. Given that VR is made possible by double displays in the headset, it is very possible - wise, even - to shut 1 eye and line up your vision to the rifle's sights as you would with a real firearm.

That is just one of ways FPS activities that are ordinary turn into moments that are surprising. Nothing makes you fear mines like physically looking down to find your virtual feet have stepped onto a volatile. Blindfire becomes a priceless asset as you crane the Aim Controller out from behind cover; you may even ape the underappreciated LawBreakers by unloading a clip backwards over your shoulder. As I do with VR hands on demos, I needed to attempt looking down the barrel with a realistic rifle and unloading bullets straight in my eye; Firewall delivered using a series of adrenaline-inducing muzzle flashes.

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