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Madden NFL 20: Release Date and Latest Info on QB1 Mode

nfl coins has an Aug. 2 launch date, which is early and should serve as a good way for football fans to get their fix well before the regular season begins in September.

And it wouldn't be another Madden release from EA Sports without a central talking point. Over the past few years, Longshot has been the most notable of all. The bold story-based mode featuring memorable characters like Devin Wade and Colt Cruise was a fun new direction for the franchisee and spoke to the efforts the series continues to make in providing something for every sort of football fan.

But the feedback from fans made one point rather clear: The next step is letting each player get themself in the game so they can experience their own journey.As highly produced and smartly put together as Longshot and Longshot: Homecoming were, players were stuck with the tales of fictional characters. And once those stories were complete, taking the fictional characters to the NFL wasn't the most seamless process.

The next release in the series promises to tackle this problem head on with Face of the Franchise: QB1 Career Campaign.We'll dub it QB1 Mode for short, though it doesn't seem like there is anything short about it.

For starters, it is exactly what it sounds like; players will be free to create themselves in the game and then loop through key points in the run-up to a draft, such as the combine. Once the draft is complete, players will have to battle for a starting gig and keep the spot on the depth chart throughout the years via strong performance, going through the contractual and possible team-changing possibilities all NFL players face.

"As you live your superstar story, Madden's new Scenario Engine generates personalized playable scenarios, events, and dynamic challenges that tell the tale of a unique NFL career. Adding to it, in Face of the Franchise: QB1, like in Franchise mode, you choose your Archetype: Strong Arm, Scrambler, Improviser, Field General. Superstar abilities are tied to the Archetype you pick. Levelling up your archetypes unlocks different abilities."www.mutcoin.com

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Madden NFL 20: Release Date and Latest Info on QB1 Mode