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Basic information

Level: Ultimate
Specie: Ancient Dragon
Attribute: Vaccine
Own: Ten warriors
Adaptation area: UK、VB、NSp
First debut: Digimon card game Bo-691

Nirvana: Omega Burst, Gaia Tornado

Setting data:
With the attribute of "fire", who has saved the ten warriors of the ancient digital world in the legend. It is said to be the original ultimate body that existed in ancient times, and its power is also superior to the modern ultimate body, which is the "ultimate" existence. The ability of the ancient tyrannosaurus was later inherited by the Dragon Dragon Beast. It is said that in the ancient jihad, with the ancient Garuru beast survived to the end, sealed the Lucemon. Nirvana is a "Gaya Tornado" that gathers the atmosphere of the earth to create a tornado, engulfs the enemy and blows it, and a "Omega Burst" that causes a super-explosion within a few kilometers of the surrounding area with a strong explosion.

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MMOAH Digimon Masters Online Dictionary - Ancient Greymon