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The users might know that the Garmin GPS devices are curated to locate the routes that are based on the user’s preferences. Whether you wish to take a short route or you want to take a long drive to your destination, it is your choice; you can also enter and save the specific routesIf you wish to configure some distinct route, you can do it with an option to select the intermediate or the mid-point. The intermediate point will compel the Garmin express GPS to complete the route which is set close to the specified route.  With the Garmin device, you can configure the route that will come with a specific preference, not with the device mapping. This will let the device configure the route- based on the set preferences, not with the mapping preferences. 

What are the steps to program Garmin express devices with specified routes? 


The easy to follow steps in this section will guide you to program Garmin express devices with specified routes. You need to follow each step carefully:

  1. First of all turn on the “Garmin Express” software and select the “Tools” option. 
  2. You need to access the specific route configuration option.
  3. Depending on the Garmin model, you have to select the “My Data” option from the “Tools” menu.
  4. On your home screen select the options “Routes," "Manage My Routes" and “Create a New Saved Route”. 
  5. Remember, you can also select “Tools” or “Where to?” on the home screen and choose the “Routers” and “New” option.
  6. After this, you have to choose a beginning point for the route.
  7. Select "From Find Menu," "Find on Map" or "Use Current Location" option.
  8. Follow the on-screen prompts to select the point to begin the route.
  9. Now, choose the endpoint and select the options from the "From Find Menu," "Find on Map" or "Use Current Location" option and save the end route. 
  10. You have to select “Yes” or “No” to choose the intermediate destination.
  11. Again select either from "From Find Menu," "Find on Map" or the "Use Current Location" option to enter the intermediate point. 
  12. Choose the type of route that the Garmin Express device should compute, from the options labeled as "Faster Time," "Shorter Distance" or "Off-Road".
  13. If there are many options for mapping out the route, then the Garmin will determine which route will be short.
  14. Select the preferred option and press the “Finish” or “Save” option.
  15. After this, the Garmin Express device will save the new specific router.
  16. Tap on the “Finish” or “Save” and Garmin Express will save the new specific route. 


We hope that this article has helped you to program Garmin express devices with distinct routes. However, if you are still unable to set the preferred location on the Garmin device then we suggest you visit the official Garmin website and get assistance for the same. 

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Know how to program Garmin express devices with distinct routes