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Kanye West’s new Yeezy Boost 350s debut this Saturday morning, but getting your hands on a pair won’t be easy.

Compared to the 2015 model, the new shoes incorporate neon colors and go for about $220, CNBC reports. While sneakerheads will have plenty of ways to try and buy the new shoes, which are expected to bring in record sales, most involve entering a raffle, according to GQ.buy Yeezy 700 Static discount with best price

Both West’s collaborator Adidas (ADDYY, +0.00%) and Urban Outfitters (URBN, -2.35%) will offer online releases, but retailers expect the shoes to sell out fast.Singapore, a city notorious for its shopping habits, is especially excited for the release: the shoes sell for 349 Singapore dollars, which is a premium on the U.S. price, according to CNBC.

But for private sellers who list used Yeezys, it’s the secondary sneaker market, particularly in Singapore, where the real money lies. On the marketplace Carousell, for example, older Yeezy models reportedly go for more than double their original retail price.

In December, the tan-colored Boost 350 Oxford retailed for around 330 Singapore dollars—but a used pair was selling for 1,299 Singapore dollars on Carousell. And another model, the Boost 350 Moonrock, retailed for 329 Singapore dollars, but listed on Carousel for 1,350 Singapore dollars.

“Yeezys are one of the most sought-after shoes and because demand far exceeds supply, people are willing to fork out big money for it,” Mandeep Chopra, co-founder of Singapore sneaker store Limited Edt, told CNBC.

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Kanye West's New Yeezy Shoes Drop This Weekend