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Jania Jackson is rapper NBA Youngboy’s long term girlfriend. The couple was first in the news in February 2018 when a video was posted by TMZ on February 25. The report said that the incident occurred a few hours before Youngboy, 18, was arrested in Tallahassee. The video came from buy mt nba 2k20 surveillance camera in a hotel in Waycross, Georgia, about 150 miles north of the Florida capital. Youngboy was facing charges relating to kidnapping, assault and weapons violations. In August 2018, Jackson was forced to go public about a black eye she was seen to be sporting. Jackson said that the black eye was caused after a failed attempt at cooking noodles. A few months earlier, Jackson posted a traumatic video to Instagram where she said she was “ready to die.”

Youngboy NBA aka Kentrell DeSean Gaulden aka Youngboy Never Broke Again is a Louisiana native rapper. Among his songs that have appeared in the Billboard Hot 100 are “Untouchable,” “No Smoke” and “Outside Today.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jania Jackson Says that She & Youngboy Were Just Playing in the Video

Jackson has taken to Twitter to deny that the incident was a case of the domestic abuse, saying the pair were just playing. TMZ says that other guests called the police on Youngboy. Both he and Jackson left the hotel before authorities arrived. Those officers apparently found blood in the couple’s room, TMZ reports.

Instagram/Jania Jackson

Prior to the publishing of the video of Jackson and Youngboy, TMZ had reported that the rapper’s tour bus was pulled over and he was arrested in Tallahassee.

According to a November 2017 tweet, Jackson appears to be a senior in high school. Jackson wrote, “The only thing I’m worried about mt coins 2k20 graduation if you not on my team dealing with that gtf.”

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Jania Jackson is rapper NBA Youngboy’s