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Interjet is a low-cost Mexican airline which operates in many cities world-wide like Mexico the United States. Costa Rica, Cuba and Guatemala. Choosing Interjet Reservations for your next trip can be a prudent decision as it offers the lowest rates and it provides you with the best customer service possible. The customer service team consists of a team of professional individuals who provide timely resolutions to the issues faced by the customers. The airlines ensure top-notch service to the customers and hence it has gained huge popularity

However, you must be aware of the cancellation policies before boarding this flight. Being aware of the cancellation policies will help you to get a refund in future in case of unforeseen situations. Similarly, the airline authority may also cancel the flights owing to bad climatic conditions or other unavoidable situations. Amidst the COVID fiasco, many flights are getting cancelled and Interjet airlines are no exception.

In this article we will get an understanding of the Interjet airlines cancellation policy:

Interjet allows flight cancellations up to 24 hours. However, if you cross the 24-hour window then the ticket is non-refundable. Hence if you have decided to cancel your ticket then it would be helpful to act immediately to get a refund. However, the good news is that Interjet allows a name change in the flight so if you have crossed the 24-hours window then you can change the name in the flight and sell it to someone else.

You will also have the option of changing your booking details to a more convenient option.

If you have purchased your ticket by utilising a credit or a debit card then your fare will be refunded within 7 business days

For routes outside Mexico, the cancellation charge is fifty-nine USD and for routes within Mexico, six hundred ninety-nine dollars will be charged.

If you are requesting a refund for unavoidable circumstances then the refund will be processed however you need to keep the airlines' authorities informed in such cases. You may also be required to produce supporting documents of your case.

The airline's authorities will keep you informed about any changes in travel policies. They will notify you via email or via phone calls.       

You should also read the terms and conditions carefully mentioned at the back of your ticket when you make Interjet reservations. Thus get yourself familiar with the cancellation policies of Interjet Airlines so that you can cancel flights Sans Souci.


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Interjet Airlines cancellation policy