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In many MMOs, players could become reliant on bots to provide them with essential items. ArcheAge and Guild Wars 2 have both had bots supplying the economy, making sure items offered to all  players at reasonable prices. When the bots are eventually removed, prices spike up and players check out impact bots had within the market.
In Blade and Soul, a essential crafting material called Moonwater Tera Gold was heavily farmed by bots before and sold for any low price of 11 silver. After a ban wave removed a great number of  bots, the worth rose above 1 gold. With such a big price increase, it’s quite normal to hear players longing for your return of such bots.
Botting remains to be cheating, there’s no avoiding that fact. No matter how boring an action is or how tedious a grind would it be’s up against the rules of almost every MMO out there to work with a bot.  Using a bot to achieve an advantage over other players can often be met with negative response. However, if the player bought items at a botter to get a low price, would that be regarded cheating and  taking advantage on the bots? As someone who's admittedly botted in short periods of time previously, I can know the mentality around it and why people discover it tempting.
Almost every MMO today does have it's fair share of bots. Whilst some are definitely Tera Items more badly affected as opposed to others none of such games can alleviate their botting issues having a simple fix. On a state  forums and subreddit of the MMO you’ll find a good amount of bot reports from players and suggestions on how to acquire rid in the them. However, not some people talk around the core problem which allows  these bots to survive within the first place: the overall game’s design.

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In many MMOs, players could become reliant on bots to provide them with essential items.