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If the additions are larger than RS gold a you can not win. The OSRS community is pretty fickle when it comes to exactly what"feels" oldschool and what does not. I thought the Warding RuneScape ability (the latest new RuneScape ability they thought ) was a fairly fantastic addition that fit well into the market (with Warding basically being a way to eventually craft Magic Armor, essentially being the equivalent to Smithing or Crafting). They've done massive additions to RuneScape, together with good illustrations being Priffdinas and Zeah, I wish the community would provide them a little slack when it comes to material the dev team wants to perform.

Maybe they produce a"Beta World" that they will periodically update with articles they are working on, sort of like Unearthed Arcana for DnD, that lets people try their bigger thoughts like RuneScape skills in a more compact scale economy to see how it plays out, compared to the way it now is the point where the only pictures or gameplay you get ahead of unemployment is a few screenshots and descriptions. Not for every concept they wish to include, but they already have this using their championship worlds. I recall in the leadup to the raid coming out they put armor and the new weapons so gamers provide opinions and could test them out. They already have temporary worlds with all the DMM seasons, therefore that they could only take them and say"We are adding Warding to this world for two weeks, try the concept out and tell us everything you believe".

Actual RuneScape abilities is the 1 thing keeping RuneScape 3 relevant and regardless of how much Jagex are running RuneScape to the floor, RuneScape abilities are something they are actually consistent at. Unfortunately, Old School Runescape will never receive the exact same amount of love in that department because the 75 percent vote necessary to get an update passed is completely bullshit and has resulted in quite a few new RuneScape abilities that were otherwise enjoyed by most of the player base being entirely and totally revived including Artisan (56.6percent ), Sailing (67.9%) and Warding (66.4%.)

RuneScape makes it first new RuneScape skill in years -"Archaeology"

I think that is pretty rad, I only hope it is executed. I suppose this is most comparable to another RuneScape ability"Dungeoneering" which imo is a really awful RuneScape ability, let alone minigame. It has been years since that published, so can just expect that this is enormously different and improved.IMO dungeoneering is the most fun RuneScape skill I've ever played in RS. I truly want it to be ported to OSRS if less a RuneScape skill then at least as a minigame.Its not really a RuneScape ability though, thats the issue. Its a minigame with RuneScape ability features hit. It has a reward system that buy osrs gold paypal is minigame. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant. It may be enjoyable. It may be a minigame that is fantastic. But its RuneScape skill. And dont get me started.

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If the additions are larger than a you can not win