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Inquisitive query to the boyz, how would you feel about wow classic gold buy releasing on its schedule, then turning right into something such as Old School Runescape? Old content but improved and constantly working to implement for that specific client.

You can see the difference in sport and story from EOC (RS3) and OSRS2, but OSRS is neighborhood based, unlike retail that's lead by the development team. And to determine if this would be a fantastic option.

Hey Esfand love ya partner you fun to vanilla wow gold watch full of info and hilarious! May you bring oceanic servers up or ask? Like surely they'll do it right?? The reason the private server scene is so dead for aussies is due to playing on 350-400ms its just not fun. .

And I want these new classics to run together with the oceanic servers but ive googled and searched so much I cant find any info regarding this at all. . Of how they'll do it, but im scared. . Many servers such as oceanic will spread out the players too much no servers for us will create alot people not play it. . And we would like to play it... we really wish to play it not with horrible latency.

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How would you feel about wow classic gold