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How to choose the right roof top tent How do you choose a great roof top tent that’s going to be just right for you and your next adventure? Here’s 13 points to help you choose a roof top tent that is best for you. You’ve probably already done a bit of research, had a look at roof top tents pros and cons, and pictured yourself kicking back up in your ‘room with a view’ on a beautiful beach watching the sunset, or waking up in front of a stunning snow-capped mountain.roof tent At Intents Outdoors we’ve been designing, importing and working with roof top tents for years. So here’s some things to think about to narrow down the choices to find a roof top tent that will work for you. Catch our next blog for a list of exactly what to look for when checking out a rooftop tent in person. But first here’s our list of things to consider beforehand to decide what kind of roof top tent will be best for you.Like most things these days the sky’s the limit. See what's available your price range. High end tents have a lot of features and branding. And also be aware that really cheap roof top tents aren’t going to be great quality or last a long time. There are lots of designs around. Lots of soft top styles and ‘clamshell’ hard tops mounted on roof racks. Some soft shells have an extended awning over the entrance, useful in the wet and some don’t with a clear view front and rear. Some open up by unfolding, some pop up, some are manual, some automatic, some are custom built into the roof, some open to the side or rear or both. Do some research, see what you like, know what you want. What are you going to be using the tent for? Campsites or hardcore 4x4 offroad mud? How often are you going to be heading out? Summer camping or out in winter snow? Are you easy on your gear or give it hell? How are you going to get it on and off the roof? Have you got somewhere to store it? Will your vehicle with roof tent on top fit in the garage? Will you be leaving it up on the roof for the summer months or taking it off after every trip? Uses and needs are not the same for everyone – answers to these questions help you decide which tents are a good fit for you.

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How to choose the right roof top tent