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Sage 50 is one of the most renowned accounting software which is highly preferred by accountants and bookkeepers all across the globe. They have constantly been providing the users with efficient accounting services, which cover all  the accounting aspect which the user would have to work on. They have been providing the users with best in class service, which garner the ideal results for the users.  Even while working on efficiently productive accounting software, there are chances that you would come across some malfunctions. When the users face some glitch, it will completely hinder the work that they are doing, and such an issue would completely disrupt the functioning of the users. When such a situation comes across, the best option that the users would have is to connect with sage customer care number. The users would also have the option of going through this entire blog, by which they would get a clear picture of how to fix this issue.


What is the Security Privileges issue?

Sage 50 has effectively revolutionized the accounting system and has provided the users with automated tools which aid the users with their accounting needs. There are certain situations where this software displays various errors. One common issue is when users are unable to determine security privileges. Some of the most common reasons which cause this issue are as given below:

  • When  the system loses the connection from the company database.
  • When there is some malfunctioning in the data file.


How to solve the Security Privileges Issue?

The users can easily solve the Security Privileges issue in Sage 50 software by undertaking the below-given steps:


Clean the company folder

The users would have to access the company’s data folder and then delete the files of type DDF, PTL, PTR, etc.

Repair the Program

  • Remove all the files and folder
    • Alarm.dat
    • Cosess.dat
    • Connco.dat
    • All files of type DATtemp
    • All files of type DATptl
    • All files of type DDF
    • All files of type LCK
    • All files of type MKD
    • All files of type PTL
    • All files of type PTR
    • All files of type RPT
    • Run Repair on the program

When users take up any of these steps, they can easily solve the issue without having to put in much effort. The users can avail professional assistance by connecting with sage tech support. The trained professionals efficiently do an in-depth analysis of the issue and then provide the users with the best possible solutions. This customer service is easily accessible throughout the day and is free of cost.


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How To Fix Security Privileges Issue In Sage 50 Software