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What is PRL-8-53 ?
PRL-8-53 is a nootropic research compound first synthesized in the 1970's by Dr Nikolaus Hansl while working at Creighton University, he single study involving humans showed PRL-8-53 improved word recollection scores both 24 and 96 hours after initial memorization. Nootropics powder
Given the low amount of evidence available for this nootropic, we thought it relevant to reference a journal article in which the creator discusses the compound and numerous other human trials it was used in.
Function of Prl-8-53

1. Prl-8-53 can Enhance cognition and memory formation
2. Prl-8-53 can Anxiolytic properties
3. Prl-8-53 can Anti-depressive effect
4. Prl-8-53 can Treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
5. Prl-8-53 can Increase coordination
6. Prl-8-53 can Improves mood
7. Prl-8-53 can Help fight fatigue
8. Prl-8-53 can Prevent oxidation within the brain
9. Prl-8-53 can Treat alcohol related brain damage.

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