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FBS is a scam broker! Recently, an investor complained to WikiFX about the forex broker FBS. The complainant exposed a series of FBS’ illegal practices, including rejecting withdrawals, and hoped that other investors will be vigilant.To get more news about FBS, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Illegal Broker Exposure
  According to the investor, he often saw online advertisements of FBS, and was lured quickly by the fake promises of FBS such as “Get $100 No Deposit Bonus on MT5” and “Invest easily through Copy Trade”.
  After deciding to give it a try, the investor opened an account on FBS and started copy trading by following the signals. “In less than a week, my copy trading brought me an extra $49 profit!” The investor told WikiFX that it was the high bonuses and high returns that tempted him to invest more money into FBS. However, since December last year, not only did the investor’s trading account suffered frequent losses, his withdrawal request was also refused!
  But the reason given by FBS was ridiculous. FBS claimed the investors’ account was “under investigation of regulation authorities due to suspected illegal profits”. The enraged investor called FBS “scam broker” and demanded the platform to return his money, but the platform blatantly retorted “Sue me if you dare”. Such a bad attitude is shocking and outrageous!
These widely-spread ads on the Internet such as “Get $100 No Deposit Bonus on MT5” and “Copy Trade for Newbie” are all potential scams, targeting investors in lack of experience or principle. By the time they find out the truth, their funds have already been defrauded by illegal brokers. Therefore, the right way to make profits in trading is to equip yourself with more practical knowledge and less fantasy of “pie in the sky”. In addition, you can also avoid unscrupulous brokers with the help of the blacklist released by the regulation authorities and third-party inquiry platforms, thus keeping your own funds safe.
  Per investigation, we found that the score of FBS is only 1.04 on WikiFX APP. According to the latest risk warning, the IFSC(Belize) regulatory license claimed by this broker is suspected to be a clone, and this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please stay away!
  Up to now, WikiFX APP has included profiles of more than 16,000 global Forex borkers, while integrating forum, exposure, inquiry, information and other functions to ensure the safety of your funds 24/7. Click here to download our APP.

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Forex Scam Broker FBS Blocked Investor’s Withdrawa