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It’s way too hard to beat the convenience and luxury of receiving our manicure in our own house. Rather than combating traffic and rushing to urge to the salon and returning , all we would like to try to do is involve beauty services at our home. Open our entrance and luxuriate in the pampering as reception we enjoy the sweetness services more knowing that we simply don’t need to leave when it’s done and may relax as long as we desire.  


Advantages Of Home Service :

-     In our own comfort zone :

Our home is certainly our biggest comfort zone. So why to miss the comfort zone and attend a salon for our treatment, when the salon is ready to come home ?

By bringing salon home, we'll avail the sweetness services while enjoying our dramas, shows, or maybe catch abreast of a movie we wanted to observe . Besides, we'll do all this by simply lounging in our sweats. This way, we will be able to enjoy the treatment better.

-     Relaxed services are the best :

In beauty salons, especially during the festive season, we will often notice that the therapist is rushing to finish off with one treatment and move to the next client. This does not happen in case of at-home salons. We will get the therapist’s undivided attention and no other unnecessary disturbances. Alone , Peaceful , Dedicated only on our treatment.

-     Relaxed massage treatments, our dreams coming true :

The hectic festive-time schedules call for a relaxing massage!

After a massage session, we will often feel like slipping into a deep slumber. This would not be possible if we have to travel back to our home after the session. Whereas if the therapist is visiting our home, we'll enjoy a nap post the treatment. A peaceful nap after a massage is what the heaven is in the hell of hectic schedules.

-     Saves Us Money from various other linked factors :

Apart from all the benefits associated with convenience and luxury , bringing the salon home also can save tons of cash . You not need to visit the salon, so you ultimately save on the travelling cost. The festive season is a bonus to this , as it is welcomed with offers!!

At a standard salon, festive season is that the time when most of the sweetness services are charged at a better price. Since the clients don’t have the time to look for an honest and affordable salon, they're able to pay more to only get a slot. However, just in case of at-home salons, you'll avail huge festive offers and discounts, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Basic Etiquette we can follow during the Facial At Home Service :

-         Give details of parking lot to your service provider beforehand . This will prevent from making last hour arrangements for your stylist to park. Prevent time delays and pamper yourself on a really luxurious day.

-         It’s better to ask your service provider whether or not they are bringing all the required items for the service or are they expecting some from you. Be ready with the items you would possibly need for your absolute, styled makeover.

-          Arrange a cleaned area where they can keep their products

-         If you are going for a haircut or blowout, it’s better to have your hair washed when your stylist arrives.

-         Pets and children can disturb your stylist while they treat your Body and relax your mind. Put a movie on for teenagers with snacks, and keep them occupied while you enjoys yourself.

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Facial at home service