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Match Result Bonus

As a pattern, you'll get 200 points for winning a Squad Battle match, and 50 for losing. You can't draw.


Match Complete Bonus

You'll get focuses for finishing a match. The sum depends on the Team Chemistry and rating of the group you're playing against.

When you've gotten focuses for the activities depicted, you'll likewise get extra focuses. These extra focuses are granted for doing certain activities amid a diversion. We've recorded these reward point workers underneath, so you recognize what to concentrate on while playing.


Would it be advisable for you to Play FUT 19 Squad Battles on the Highest Difficulty?

Given that playing Squad Battles on a higher trouble applies a higher multiplier, you may be enticed to wrench the trouble up to incredible to acquire more focuses. This isn't the best thought, since playing at more elevated amounts just duplicates the focuses you acquire, it doesn't concede you more focuses. In the event that you perform inadequately against an amazing group, you'll have not many focuses to apply the reward to, so you're in an ideal situation adhering to your aptitude level.


FIFA 19 Squad Battles Featured Squads

Once in a while, EA will add included squads to Squad Battles. These are explicit difficulties based around a specific player, and offer a fixed measure of focuses as a reward. They're worth taking on, yet know that they typically include groups with 5-star appraisals and high Chemistry.


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FUT 19 Squad Battles Skill Bonus Points